MARCH 4-15: Israel Trip
Sign up today to go on a trip for a lifetime. Space available. Find out more
JAN 4: Citywide Prayer Event
Local Churches Gathering to begin the New Year with Prayer. Find out more
JAN 7-13: Prayer Week
We dedicate the first full week of the year to the Lord. Check out the opportunities to pray. Find out more
JAN 10: Afterglo
A evening of worship, experiencing the glory of God's Presence and the power of His grace. Find out more
JAN 11: Shinyhead @ Calvary Chapel
Join us for a night of worship and prayer with Shinyhead Find out more
FEB 4: Paul Clark @ Calvary Chapel
Invite a friend to come and hear Christian Contemporary Music Pioneer Paul Clark. Find out more
A Journey Of Grace
Pastor Holland's Message Series A Journey Of Grace Is Available for download. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. Find out more
Listen To Worship LIfe Radio
Listen to Pastor Holland's Radio Program on Demand. Find out more
Worship Life TV
The television broadcast ministry of Calvary Chapel San Clemente and Pastor Holland Davis Find out more

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